C7 Statement to the G7 Foreign Ministers

14 April 2024. Ahead of the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Capri, 17-19 April 2024, we, the C7 (Civil7), issue a statement with our recommendations to call on the G7 Foreign Ministers to take concrete actions to promote human rights and the common interests of humanity and the planet for a more peaceful, just and secure future.

Please refer to the statement (PDF) from here.

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War Costs Us The Earth · GDAMS Statement 2024

War Costs Us The Earth · GDAMS Statement 2024

Disarmament now to save people and planet

Humanity is at a crossroads where political decisions on defence budgets will determine the trajectory of the multiple crises in which we are immersed.

Wars and armed conflicts are devastating whole regions of the world. Global military spending has increased by 19 percent between 2013 and 2022 according to SIPRI figures, and has risen every year since 2015. Yet, from Gaza to Ukraine, the DRC, Sudan, Myanmar, or Manipur, this has done nothing to resolve persistent conflicts nor reduce global tensions. Instead, increased military expenditure and intensifying militarism have only increased the volatility of global peace and cooperation. Rising temperatures are modifying climatic patterns in a profound and extreme way. Millions of people are already experiencing the disastrous consequences of climate change and environmental degradation, amplified further by violent conflict. We must act now.These fluctuating weather and climatic patterns have direct repercussions on whether territories can remain habitable as well as on the future of decent and sustainable living conditions for all.

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Save the dates for GDAMS 2024: April 12 to May 15

We are witnessing the dramatic consequences of escalating global militarization, evident in the numerous armed conflicts around the world, notably in Gaza and Ukraine, but also in many other conveniently ignored places of the Global South. We are suffering the consequences of a militaristic approach to international relations and global emergencies, imposed by countries of the North, which are at the same time responsible for most of the weapons produced.

Moreover, the environmental impacts -direct and indirect- resulting from these conflicts and militarization further underscore the pressing need for peace.

War is costing us the Earth.

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Statement signed at 18 February 2024 at World Social Forum in Kathmandu, Nepal

Nobody can doubt any longer that the multiple crises have deepened worldwide. Superpowers and market-oriented international institutions including the European Union, Russia, and the United States of America, NATO, the World Economic Forum and others have driven the world into a spiral of increasing competition, hate speech and sea of bloody wars, ethnic cleansing and genocide, economic and ecological disasters, and neocolonial injustices supported by increasingly authoritarian governments.


Exciting News: We are relaunching IPB’s Peace Education Program!

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of the International Peace Bureau’s (IPB) Peace Education Program, opening with an enriching series of webinars centered around the pivotal topic of neutrality in international relations.

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