Imbalance between development and defence budgets

Global military spending has increased by 50% over the past ten years, exceeding $ 1735 billion in 2011, according to the estimates of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. The biggest military spenders are the US (41% of the global total), China (8.2%), Russia (4.1%), UK (3.6%), France (3.6%), Japan (3.4%), Saudi Arabia (2.8%), India (2.7%), Germany (2.7%), and Brazil (2%).

On the other hand, development aid offered by these countries is relatively low. For instance, the United States’ aid for 2010 represented only 4% of its military spending. The proportions for France and Japan are 20%. Preparing for war is apparently still more attractive than investing in sustainable development and promoting peace.

IPB’s main campaign goal is to change these proportions. We are working on shifting funds from defence budgets to social projects, be they domestic or abroad. Our aim is a decrease of at least 10% of global military spending and its reallocation to social and development programmes.