Lucas Wirl – Treasurer

Lucas Wirl, council member of IPB since 2013 and Treasurer of IPB since 2019, studied Sociology, Peace and Conflict Studies and Anglistics at Philipps University of Marburg and Marquette University. After interning with Peace Action Wisconsin he became an organizer of the NATO Protest Actions around the NATO Summit in Strasbourg and Kehl in 2009 and all following NATO Summits. Lucas is co-Chair of the international Network No to War – No to NATO and executive director of international and German IALANA.


Alain Rouy – Vice President

Alain Rouy has been elected Vice President of IPB in October 2022 and is a former board member (2019-2022).

Peace activist, representative of french Appel des Cent against nuclear weapons and currently national secretary of Mouvement de la Paix, executive secretary of International Association of Educators for Peace and IAEP-delegate at UNESCO, co-chair French Teachers for Peace (Enseignants pour la Paix).

In Mouvement de la Paix, Alain Rouy is in charge of international relations with UNO, UNESCO and the international peace organisations, especially IPB, No to Nato network, network against military bases, german peace organisations. Focus areas are promotion of the UNO and multilateralism, alternative European security system, peace education.

As IAEP delegate at Unesco, Alain Rouy is involved in  NGOs activities, especially NGO-Unesco international forums.

Steven Staples – Vice President

Steven Staples has been elected Vice President of IPB in October 2022 and is a former board member (2019-2022).

He is currently the National Director of Policy and Advocacy of the Canadian Health Coalition, an accomplished policy and research strategist, published author, and award-winning peace and social justice advocate with over 25 years of experience in community organizations and the labour movement.
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Yayoi Tsuchida – Board Member

Yayoi Tsuchida has been elected as IPB board member in October 2022.

She has worked at the Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs (Gensuikyo) since more than 30 years in different positions. Since 2006, she serves as the Assistant General Secretary of Gensuikyo. Before that, she has been working at the League of Arab States Tokyo Office, the South Yemen Embassy as well as the Japan Press Service.

Sooyoung Hwang – Board Member

Sooyoung Hwang was elected as board member of IPB in October 2022.

Sooyoung has worked in the field of peace and disarmament for many years. She is currently the Secretary General of the Korea Peace Appeal, a peace campaign to end the Korean war. Furthermore she is the Manager of the Center for Peace and Disarmament and Center for International Solidarity of the People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD). She has previously worked as Coordinator for Imagination for International Solidarity (IFIS).

Kitwe Mulunda Guy – Board Member

Kitwe Mulunda Guy has been elected as IPB board member in October 2022.

He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Social Work and has worked on many scientific publications on social, psychological and historical aspects of human rights violations. He is a Senior Lecturer (Professor) in Humanities and Social Sciences at the CPU, South Africa and DRC since 2013 and has served as EXCOM/Council member of IRCT from 2008 to 2012. Since 2015 he is the Executive Director of SAVE CONGO.

Raza Shah Khan – Board Member

Raza Shah Khan has been elected as IPB board member in October 2022.

He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of peace and disarmament. Raza has a master’s degree in Peacebuilding from Conventry University in the UK and has worked on several humanitarian disarmament campaigns, e.g. the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, the Cluster Munition Coalition, the International Action Network on Small Arms, and the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots since then. Furthermore he is currently the Chief Executive of the Sustainable Peace and Development Organization (SPADO), which aims to promote a peaceful environment for all people.