Alain Rouy – Vice President

Alain Rouy has been elected Vice President of IPB in October 2022 and is a former board member (2019-2022).

Peace activist, representative of french Appel des Cent against nuclear weapons and currently national secretary of Mouvement de la Paix, executive secretary of International Association of Educators for Peace and IAEP-delegate at UNESCO, co-chair French Teachers for Peace (Enseignants pour la Paix).

In Mouvement de la Paix, Alain Rouy is in charge of international relations with UNO, UNESCO and the international peace organisations, especially IPB, No to Nato network, network against military bases, german peace organisations. Focus areas are promotion of the UNO and multilateralism, alternative European security system, peace education.

As IAEP delegate at Unesco, Alain Rouy is involved in  NGOs activities, especially NGO-Unesco international forums.