Llamamiento por la Paz: ¡¡No + guerras!! ¡¡No más OTAN!! | Call for Peace: No More Wars!! No More NATO!!

IPB supports this call from organizations and individuals around the world, demanding an end to wars and the dissolution of NATO. As the NATO Summit approaches, taking place from July 9 to 11, 2024, in Washington DC, we feel compelled to voice our collective concern over the increasing global conflicts, military spending, and the resulting insecurity. This letter highlights the critical issues and calls for immediate, non-violent resolution of disputes, urging the United States and NATO countries to act responsibly and prioritize peace.

You can find and sign the original Spanish letter here. Supporting signatures will be collected until Sunday, July 7, 2024.

Below you can find its English translation.

The organizations and individuals who sign this declaration, on the occasion of the NATO Summit to be held from July 9 to 11, 2024, in Washington DC, USA, would like to state the following:

1 – In recent years, we have witnessed with sadness and concern the increase in open wars in different parts of the world, leading to a significant rise in military spending, global insecurity, and the deaths of millions of people in the various ongoing conflicts.

2 – NATO countries are participating, directly or indirectly, in different wars. Among them, NATO countries, and primarily the USA, continue to send weapons to the government of Israel, a country accused of genocide against the Palestinian population. At the same time, Israel has carried out attacks on Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, risking the generalization of war throughout the Middle East. Despite all this, Israel has been invited to the NATO Summit.

3 – Likewise, the USA and NATO continue to participate in the war in Ukraine by sending weapons, instructors, and military advisors against Russia. In this conflict, the escalation is increasing, with attacks now on Russian cities and the use of terrorist actions against the civilian population. Red lines continue to be crossed, raising the possibility of direct war between NATO and Russia and the potential use of nuclear weapons. It is time to stop the war and support peace negotiations.

4 – In addition to the aforementioned conflicts, there are wars in Africa, Yemen, increasing tensions between China-USA-Taiwan, and war rehearsals between South Korea and North Korea, among others. Wars, no matter how far away they are, affect the economies of all nations and the right to peace that we all should have.

5 – In this global scenario, where tensions are increasing, we demand that the United States and NATO countries put an end to the escalation and war, and make real and effective efforts for the non-violent resolution of conflicts. It is shameful that while there is money for war in Europe and the United States, there is no money to tackle hunger, migration, and the challenges of climate change.

6 – We demand that the USA and NATO countries act responsibly and end their belligerent actions that could lead humanity to a third world war. In this regard, we remember Olof Palme and the necessity for all nations to move towards disarmament and the construction of peace, of common security, which distances us from war and death. It is time for NATO to dissolve and for there to be no more wars against anyone.