Jai Jagat, the Global March for Justice and Peace

Jai Jagat, the Global March for Justice and Peace

Jai Jagat is a wake-up call to respond to the deepening economic, social and environmental crisis. The campaign is an urgent appeal for people to transform and achieve one planet one people

The Delhi-Geneva Global March for Justice and Peace, Jai Jagat 2020, will physically leave Delhi on October 4, after a day of festivities on October 2, the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The March will arrive in Geneva a year later, on September 26, 2020, and the walkers of Jai Jagat will be welcomed in Geneva with Marchs coming from everywhere.

The International Peace Bureau, IPB, is supporting the Global March for Justice and Peace and calls IPB Members Organisations to join their efforts to make the March a success.

The Jai Jagat campaign seeks to create a political space for action for the most disadvantaged from India and from all the world, to discuss all the immense challenges of our time, climate change, explosion of inequality and violence, through an inclusive and non-violent dialogue with the United Nations on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals. This is a great tool for democratic participation, enabling everyone to take on the great challenges they face.

The March will go through many of countries, promoting debates around Jai Jagat’s demands:

  • Eradicating Poverty – Everyone’s basic human needs are met.
  • Removing Social Discrimination – Respect for human rights so there is no destructive discrimination on the basis of race, caste, gender, religion and ethnicity.
  • Reversing Ecological Destruction and the Climate Crisis – This requires radical changes in production and consumption patterns.
  • Ending Conflict – Conflict has caused so much destruction of human lives and potential and the only way to end it is by generating a collective commitment to build a nonviolent society.


IPB will be co-organising the celebration of the start of the March in Meyrin-Geneva, with a concert and a conference.

More information at https://jaijagatgeneve.ch

The Global March: https://www.jaijagat2020.org

Contact in Geneva Arielle Denis: arielled@ipb.org