TWO MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT – How do we move from geopolitical conflict to nuclear abolition?

The conference was convened to analyze and warn about the current nuclear dangers, to raise the UN Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty and other disarmamentinitiatives, and to build gobal movement for peace and complete nuclear disarmament.

At a time of multiple crises, we brought together among the world’s most thoughtful and experienced foreign, military and nuclear policy analysists to discuss increasingly dangerous great power tensions, background and diplomatic options to the Trump-Korea crisis – with Iran on its way, the state of the nuclear arms races, and paths to greater peace and nuclear disarmament.

The conference was a joint project of IPB, Peace and Planet, the Campaign for Peace Disarmament and Common Security, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, American Friends Service Committee, Peace Action New York State and Brooklyn for Peace.

A livestream from the conference by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung New York is available for the morning session and the afternoon session.



Welcome Greetings:
Albert Scharenberg
Lisa Clark
Toshiki Fujimori

Keynote Speech:
The Fate of Humanity” by Noam Chomsky

The Dangers of a Great Power War:
Tarja Cronberg
Daniel Ellsberg
Zia Mian
Hiroshi Taka (We, the Japanese People, Will Choose the Road to Achieve a Nuclear-free, Peaceful Japan)
Chair: Lisa Clark

Prospects for Nuclear Disarmament:
Sergio Duarte
Reiner Braun
Joseph Gerson
Christine Hong
Chair: Jackie Cabasso