Report on the second week at the UN negotiations to prohibit nuclear weapons

New York 26-30 June 2017

The second week of the negotiations for a Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons started with the publication on June 27th of the second draft of the Treaty (now called a “Treaty” and no more a “Convention”.) The 130 states in the room are now actively negotiating long hours in small or big committees in order to keep open the possibility to finalize a good text by June 7th. Continue reading “Report on the second week at the UN negotiations to prohibit nuclear weapons”

Report – 2nd Negotiations Round on a Nulcear Weapons Ban Treaty

After the successful session in March 2017 and the publication of the draft of the Convention to prohibit nuclear weapons by the Chair Ambassador Elayne Whyte from Costa Rica, the Second round of negotiations on a Convention started on June 15th.

The sprit of the 125+ participating countries is productive and dynamic and no major disagreements have been stopping the hard works of the participants from going forward. Nuclear weapons States possessors and their allies, the countries who rely on nuclear weapons in their security doctrines, have chosen to boycott the process, except the Netherlands. Continue reading “Report – 2nd Negotiations Round on a Nulcear Weapons Ban Treaty”

Activity Reports

IPB’s annual Activity Reports are an account of all activities conducted throughout the year. They describe our strategy and the events organized and publications produced to achieve it. The reports also list the names of the Board and Council members.

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Do you want to know more about IPB’s history before 1990? Take a look at the book published in April 1991 by Reiner Santi and the International Peace Bureau:

100 years of peace making – A history of the International Peace Bureau and other international peace movement organisations and networks

IPB Triennial Confernce in Stockholm – September 2013

Every three years IPB holds a special gathering to bring together our members and supporters and to discuss the challenges facing us as peace movements in an unstable and over-militarized world. This year IPB met in Stockholm from Sept 13-15, to explore the issues of military intervention (and the alternatives) and the economy of war. The conference title was: ‘The World is Over-Armed, and Peace is Under Funded’ (a quote from Ban Ki-Moon).

Download the Detailed Programme

Joining the Dots – IPB and AFRI in Dublin

IPB and Afri in DublinIPB convened its annual Council Meeting for the first time in Ireland in partnership with the Afri ‘Hedge School’ in Dublin. Held simultaneously at the same venue, the Sean MacBride Peace Prize ceremony, as well as the panels on Activism, Disarmament and Peace Education Initiatives and Climate Change attracted many participants and had fruitful discussions and exchanges of experiences.

President Michael D. Higgins of Ireland  awarded the Sean MacBride Peace Prize to Lina Ben Mhenni, the courageous Tunisian blogger and to Nawal el-Saadawi, the world-famous Egyptian feminist author.

IPB at Rio+20

ipb at rio+20With the help of its many partner organizations, IPB was able to bring the disarmament perspective to Rio+20. Through our side events on ‘disarmament for development’ and ‘the linkages between food security and armed conflicts’, we were able to discuss with other stakeholders the importance of disarmament and to encourage them to join our call.
The main attraction of the week, however, was our tank made of bread. Continue reading “IPB at Rio+20”