IPB Calls for the Immediate Release of Arrested Activist Daw Thin Thin Aung

On the 8th April 2021, the Myanmar military seized Daw Thin Thin Aung and took her for interrogation. Daw Thin Thin Aung, is a women’s human rights defender and a co-founder of Mizzima Media, a news organization closed on 8 March by the military dictatorship in Myanmar.

On 15 February 2021, Daw Thin Thin Aung participated in an International Peace Bureau web event on the military coup in Myanmar. She presented on the state of the media and freedom of speech during that web event. Unlike other IPB webinars, the event was not recorded at the request of Burmese participants.

Daw Thin Thin Aung is a former President of the Women’s League of Burma (WLB), which has called for “concerted international action” to demand Aung’s release. It said that she has been arrested and taken to the “notorious” Yay Kyi Eaing Investigation Centre.

Due to her transport to an investigation centre IPB is concerned for her health, safety and well-being, and demands her immediate release. No known charges have been filed against her.

The WLB said that Daw Thin Thin Aung has “dedicated her life to the fight for democracy and human rights in Burma. She has spent most of her time advocating locally and internationally for justice for women’s human rights and gender equality in Burma.”

Wide spread civil resistance has been ongoing in Myanmar since the military seized power on February 1 and declared a state of emergency for a year.

IIPB requests the UN High Commission for Human Rights -Ms Bachelet- to make an intervention for her.

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