IPB Statement on the Military Coup in Myanmar

The International Peace Bureau (IPB), 1910 Nobel Peace Laureate, joins the world in strongly condemning the Myanmar military’s seizure of total state power through a military coup on 1 February 2021 and its’ subsequent dismissal of the parliament elected in November 2020 and the declaration of a martial law today, 9 February 2021.

The International Peace Bureau unequivocally sides with the 56 million people of Myanmar/Burma belonging to 62 ethnic minorities and indigenous groups at this time. The IPB stands strongly for peace, justice and democracy and are in solidarity with the mobilization by medical, educational, women, indigenous communities and other sectors in Myanmar/Burma who have called on the public to resist the military takeover, through nonviolent means and through a mass campaign of civil disobedience.

IPB, in solidarity with civil society in Myanmar/Burma calls on the military to immediately:

  1. Repeal the martial law imposed on people of Myanmar
  2. Respect the election results and return power to the duly elected parliament.
  3. Unconditionally release all those who have been detained when they seized power.
  4. Stop from all acts of violence, arrests including against protesters and resolute Parliamentarians.
  5. Restore and maintain internet, phone and other forms of connectivity
  6. Heed the call to ensure democracy, diversity and inclusivity.

The IPB calls on the United Nations, all governments, but particularly Asian governments and the global civil society to :

  1. Unconditionally condemn the military seizure of power in Myanmar/Burma;
  2. Support the restoration of the parliament elected on 8 November 2020;
  3. Stop all cooperation with, and assistance to, the military, including through the halting of arms transfer.
  4. Support those at risk due to the military coup against the public especially the women, and indigenous people and ethnic minorities who have faced the brunt of military force for decades
  5. Re-examine what has led to the failure in global collective efforts to deepen democracy and ensure the rule of law in Myanmar in the past 10 years since the first elections held in 2011.

IPB realise that this is a critical time for introspection, by the whole international community, as we all find new ways to manifest solidarity with the people of Myanmar/Burma and amplify their call for resistance to military coup, the martial law and the establishment of genuine democracy that holds the aspiration of the people of Myanmar/Burma who have been struggling for long. IPB and the international community stand with them with solidarity.

Download the PDF here in English and Korean.