SAVE THE DATE: IPB World Peace Congress Barcelona 2021

IPB is excited to announce the tentative dates for our large gathering next year – a follow-up to IPB’s 2016 World Peace Congress in Berlin – provisionally entitled the Second IPB World Peace Congress Barcelona 2021: Stronger Together, Building Back Better for Inclusive Peace.

We invite you to join us for the event from October 15-17 2021 in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona and ask you to join us in the preparation and promotion of the event.

The congress aims to build on the foundation established during our gathering in Berlin in 2016 by bringing together vast swathes of civil society groups to cooperate on identifying strategies and solutions to the challenges of our times. With the support of local, national, regional, and international organizations and individuals working for peace, disarmament, climate justice, human rights, and more, the congress will offer something for everyone and inspiration for us all as we strive for a better future after the Coronavirus pandemic.

The first draft of the programme is now available for viewing and can be accessed here.

Note: This is the first programme. The next programme will include additional points and list the speakers alongside their topics. We are very open to further suggestions for topics and working groups. You may contact us with inquiries at

The final decision on the programme will be made by the programme committee in connection with the local committee.