Workshop on „Challenges of a Common Security Policy in Eurasia“

The “Peace and Security” Circle of the Asia- Europe People Forum (AEPF) is a critical part of the Forum that collectively understands, analyses, interprets and formulates alternative responses and actions on issues of peace, security, conflicts, threats and opportunities in Asia and Europe as envisioned by the people’s movements of this region.

New alternatives for a common security policy and –architecture in Europe and Asia are urgently needed. Those alternatives should take into account the positive experiences of the policy of détente from the 1970s and 80s. A Common Security Policy (also known as Collective Security Policy) should serve as the basis of this new security architecture.

The participants of the workshop, coming from Asia, Europe and the US worked on several objectives during the two days in Berlin:

  • To analyze the current situation in the two continents and its impact on peace and security, as well as people’s lives.
  • To analyze the current security situation in Asia and Europe and draw conclusions for a new security architecture.
  • To develop items of a security architecture based upon the concept of a Common Security Policy.
  • To address inhibiting as well as stimulating factors of the concept.
  • To name actors and implementation strategies for a Eurasian Common Security concept.

Read the Statement of the Workshop here and the report here.