Press Conference: Counteractions marking the NATO’s 70th Anniversary

On the 12th of March 2019, the International Peace Bureau (IPB) held a press conference on the premises of its Berlin Office. The aim of the event was to present to the German press the various events and demonstrations being organised to mark the 70th anniversary of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), which will happen on the 4th of April 2019.

The press conference was hosted by the “No to War – No to NATO” network. Kristine Karch and Lucas Wirl, Co-Chairs of the international network, attended the press conference, together with Reiner Braun, Co-President of the IPB and member of the coordinating committee of “No to War – No to NATO”. They were also joined by Alexander Neu from the German leftist party (Die Linke), Member of the German Parliament.

During the press conference, speakers presented the various actions planned in Germany and internationally on the occasion of the NATO’s anniversary. Subsequently, they elaborated on the importance of opposing the alliance’s demand to receive 2% of member states’ GDP,  its confrontational politics and policies, and its ever-expanding global involvement. Lastly, speakers presented to the press a few alternative strategies for a cooperative and common security policy, marked by the effort of demilitarisation in lieu of accelerating the international arms race.

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