Official Documents – General Assembly 2022

From the 14th to the 16th of October 2022 in the city of Ghent (Belgium), the International Peace Bureau (IPB) held its General Assembly. In our triennial meeting, we gathered many of our Board and Council members to discuss the past, present, and future of the organization’s plans and actions. A new Board and Council were elected and we even had the opportunity to award Mr. Hiroshi “Taka” Takakusaki his Seán MacBride Prize (watch the ceremony here).

As the discussions held in our General Assembly and Council meetings are public, we now come to present the documents that were drafted and produced throughout the three days of the event. They represent IPB’s current character and serve to establish and present our organization’s focus and plans.

01. A YEAR IN REVIEW – public presentation of activities of 2021/2022 

At our general assembly, on the first day of our Triennial Meeting, the staff of our headquarters and our (then) executive director Reiner Braun presented some general information about the activities and actions that were developed since the previous general assembly. “A YEAR IN REVIEW” is a presentation that summarizes IPB work, and for any doubts regarding specific activities, you can contact us via e-mail or social media.

02. Campaign for Common Security – Discussion, Proposal, and Motion to the IPB Council

The advancements of IPB’s Common Security 2022 report throughout last year are clear and solid – many activities and actions were taken in regard to publicizing and educating groups on the impacts of such idea. But the war in Ukraine and the confrontation between NATO and Russia and the USA and China, not to mention the climate emergency and the range of other wars, conflicts, and injustices, remain. For this, the efforts around a project on “Common Security” are going to continue as a dedicated field of IPB’s work.

03. IPB Work against Nuclear Weapons 2022/2023: for a world free of nuclear weapons

The following document serves to underline IPB’s position on the general illegality of threats and the use of nuclear weapons. It has never been more important to revitalize the nuclear disarmament process, to put nuclear abolition back on the agenda in the nuclear weapons states, and increase the reach and impact of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

04. Resolution – Negotiating Instead of Shooting: Thoughts on Diplomatic and Peaceful Solutions in and around Ukraine 

The case of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was a constant throughout the days of our event.  The war in Ukraine keeps causing suffering, death, and devastation. “With every day that the war drags on, more people are killed, physically injured, or psychologically traumatized. With each passing day, the risk that the war will escalate or spread to other states increases”. Read the resolution of our organization’s council here:

05. Statement of Solidarity with the Peace Activists in Russia and Ukraine 

Directly connected to the theme of the above-mentioned document, IPB makes its public statement of solidarity with the peace activists in Russia and Ukraine to the people directly affected by the war.

06.  The Coming Social Tsunami 

Following the hardship of the years that have passed, the precarious state of the world will have an unprecedented impact on the daily lives of people who are already experiencing the consequences of two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, growing global inequality, the breakdown of global supply chains, and environmental destruction. The idea of a “Social Tsunami” prepares us for the integrated needs that will need to be addressed in the years to come.

07. Resolution on Finances – Council Meeting 2022

One of the main advancements of this triennial meeting regards the resolution of finances to establish future steps and approaches for the organization. In this document, you shall learn more about our new takes on membership fees and our campaign for individual memberships.

Our office is open to reply to any doubts regarding the documents that were above presented. To get in touch with us, e-mail us at