Nobel Peace Prize 2018: a decision against violence and for peace

The presidents of the International Peace Bureau welcome the decision of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee to give the award to Nadia Murad and Dr. Denis Mukwege.

It is an excellent decision to give the award to people who actively stand up against violence and for peace and human rights. Handing the prize to Nadia Murad is a symbol of solidarity to all the victims who have suffered from human rights violations. Equally important, awarding Dr. Denis Mukwege the prize, too, is an important gesture to the world community for those who are standing by the victims of human rights abuses and dedicating their efforts to help.

Both prize recipients are impressive people who felt they could not stand by in silence when faced with unspeakable violence and cruelty.

We recognise that the efforts and work of both recipients is coming from the same source of values and goals – which IPB shares as well – a world without violence and war.

A world without war and violence can only be achieved through a worldwide process of disarmament and demilitarisation as war is a criminal act that needs to be banned from the planet.


Florence & Berlin, 5th of October 2018

Lisa Clark & Reiner Braun (Presidents of IPB)