New IPB publication: Activity Report 2015

activity-report-20152015 was another intense year for IPB. Read the illustrated Activity Report here (16pp). Among the highlights:

  •  We reinforced our efforts to promote the Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS). We organised the 5th edition of the Global Day of  Action (GDAMS).
  • We focused our UN work on the adoption of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, making the case for the inclusion, not only of   military spending, but also wider issues related to peace and disarmament.
  • We helped establish a new network on the links between militarism and climate change, with a gathering in Paris during COP 21

  • We nominated the Japanese hibakusha for the Nobel Peace Prize, and spoke at the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Barcelona.
  • We were active at the NPT Review Conference, supporting the Peace and Planet initiative; and at the World Conference against A & H Bombs in Japan; and we organised a European speaking tour for the hibakusha.
  • We organised a successful annual conference in Padova (Italy) with the help of several local Italian organisations.
  • We awarded the MacBride Peace Prize jointly to the people of Lampedusa and Gangjeon Village, Jeju Island, S. Korea.
  • We put the Making Peace photo-exhibition on show in Ypres (Belgium) and Linköping (Sweden).
  • We co-organised and participated actively in a seminar held in Moscow entitled : How to live in Europe?
  • We published newsletters and statements; conducted outreach visits in many countries; were busy on social media;………and thus consolidated our worldwide network of peacemakers.

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We welcome your comments. Write to: Hard copies of the report are available on request.