Israel and Palestine: From This War a New Peace Process Must Emerge

Yet again we have witnessed a cycle of violence in the Middle East as war has broken out between Israel and Palestine. The hostilities are exacting an unforgiveable human price as the civilian populations were targeted and humanitarian relief to Gaza faces insurmountable obstacles. This disregard for the civilian populations means that we have witnessed crimes against humanity.

The IPB welcomes the current ceasefire and calls for the world to unite around the demand for a permanent peace agreement. The basis for the escalation in violence lies in the generations of structured viloence against the Palestinians arising from the illegal occupation of its lands and the refusal of Israel to comply with UN Resolutions.

We condemn the forced removal of Palestinians from their homes to make way for Israeli sellers. We are angry at the violence against Palestinians who protested the forced evictions. Israel is called upon to end these evictions.

We call for a permanent end to the catastrophic death and destruction we have witnessed in the past days. We welcome the ceasefire as a much needed first step to achieve this long-term goal.

All armed forces in the region must stop harming and killing civilians both Israeli and Palestinian. Every arms export to the region must stop.

For humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.
An end to the forced eviction of Palestinian people from their homes.
An end to these crimes against humanity.
A new peace initiative and to resolve conflict through a policy of common security through dialogue, negotiation and cooperation.

We call for an international conference of common security in the Middle East Region which must be prepared by bilateral and multilateral negotiations. This includes an end to the arms race, a policy of disarmament and a nuclear free zone. The time has come for a new initiative to establish a sustainable peace process to end the spiraling cycle of violence.

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