IPB Calls for Solidarity with the People of Myanmar

1 March 2021

IPB calls for solidarity with the people of Myanmar

Peace movement condemns Bloody Sunday in Myanmar.
Military brutality is on the rise.

The military is targeting political parties, the trade union movement and civil society. The military is forcing people at gunpoint to return to work. They are in fundamental breach of ILO labour standards.

We make a call to action to the peace movements worldwide to take action.

  • Condemn the coup and escalation of force.
  • Express solidarity with the protest movement and the new generation struggling for democracy.
  • Demonstrate in front of national governments and lobby parliaments that no formal recognition be given to the coup.
  • Demand a global arms embargo. The military’s weaponization of children must also be condemned. Fight back!
  • Demand that all economic and business links with the military business holdings – MEHL and MEC – be severed with immediate effect.
  • Work with people’s movements to expose and end the business links between companies in your country and the military business holdings in Myanmar.
  • All international trade ties should be investigated and reviewed to ensure no support for the military business holdings in Myanmar. All lines of revenue to the military regime should be severed. Access to financial reserves should be blocked.

The IPB will demand that the UN Security Council sends a mission, introduces a global arms embargo, and that it does not accept the dictatorial regime’s representation in the UN.

We are supporting the letter of NGOs to International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and states lending to Myanmar, calling for them to freeze loans and reassess the situation in light of the 1 February 2021 coup d’etat.

IPB stands in solidarity with all people in Myanmar fighting against the dictatorship and for freedom and democracy.


IPB calls on its member organizations and the international peace movement: do not forget the people of Myanmar! The non-violent resistance needs our solidarity and support now more than ever. Solidarity is the endearment of people.


Download the statement here.