#HumanRightsDay Blog Relaunch: Call for Contributions

In honor of Human Rights Day, we are relaunching our blog. If you are a young person interested in peace and human rights, we want to hear your thoughts! Our goal to include as many voices from our global community and network as possible and spark discussion around issues of peace, disarmament and human rights.

We are launching this call for contributions in the form of guest posts on the theme of peace and human rights. Specifically, we solicit submissions engaging with one of the following questions:

  • The right to peace: a tool for change?
  • Human rights and disarmament: is one possible without the other?
  • Building back better: what role for human rights in a post-Covid world?

By contributing, you can further the discussion on peace and human rights and add to the conversation at the upcoming IPB World Peace Congress! The best submission will officially mark our relaunch and others will be published in the weeks after.

Submit your blog via email to info@ipbyn.org by 10 January 2021.

Please read the guidelines below carefully. If you have questions, send us an email to info@ipbyn.org or contact us via Twitter @ipbyouth. Happy writing!

If you cannot participate, you can contribute by sharing this call on social media, getting involved in the network or submitting blog post pitches on other topics for after the relaunch.



Your blog post should engage with one of the three questions above. We encourage both direct responses and indirect engagements with these topics.

Your blog post does not have to directly answer the question. Rather, we encourage contributions on specific cases and related topics that offer an indirect response to one of the questions. For instance, you could write about the Yemen conflict and European arms trade for the second question. Nonetheless, if you have a compelling argument for the right to peace, go for it!


  • Length: 500-1500 words. But try to be concise!
  • File: Word or OpenOffice document.
  • Reference your sources using hyperlinks only.
  • Include a short, max. 50 words, biography of yourself – if you would prefer to use a pseudonym please indicate that.
  • Submit an accompanying header image of at least 600x400px.
  • For all images, ensure that you have the rights to publish them on our blog (look for Creative Commons or public domain images).
  • Ensure that images follow best practice on photography in crisis settings if applicable. We will not publish photos that include children.
  • Use headings and frequent paragraph breaks to break up your post.
  • Text should be single spaced with a single line return between paragraphs and no indentation.
  • Most importantly: Keep your post simple and understandable. Do not assume your reader knows any specifics about your topic beyond general public knowledge.