No sanctions against the Gaeseong Industrial Complex (GIC)!

The IPB, CAGIC, GIDF, and Blue Banner call on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to make an exception to sanctions for the Gaeseong (Kaesong) Industrial Complex (GIC), the inter-Korean industrial complex! 

We are supported in this call by:

  • People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy / 참여연대
  • Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation / 민족화해협력범국민협의회
  • National Concil of YMCAs of Korea / 한국YMCA전국연맹
  • The Southern Committee on June 15th Joint Declaration / 6.15공동선언실천 남측위원회

You can sign the petition here!

You can also access the petition text and information regarding the GIC in more languages here:

Korean (Info), English (Info), French (Petition / Info), Spanish (Petition / Info), Chinese (Petition / Info)