Cora Weiss – a Message to the PyeongChang Global Peace Forum

Cora Weiss, President of the Hague Appeal for Peace, former President of the International Peace Bureau and currently IPB´s representative at the UN in New York was invited to write a message to the PyeongChang Global Peace Forum.

The invitation came from the Forum’s organizer, Anselmo Lee, as Cora is unfortunately unable to attend the event. The PyeongChang Global Peace Forum set itself the agenda to explore how the Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice from 1999 can be translated into the 21st century.  The opening Plenary is titled  “Introduction to the PyeongChang Agenda for Peace 2030: From Hague 1999 to PyeongChang 2019 and beyond” and many more seminars and sessions are scheduled with leading researchers and civil society stakeholders.

“Message to the PyeongChang Global Peace Forum Feb. 9-11, 2019

It is wonderful that you are meeting in PyeongChang, the Olympic City of Korea and City for Peace.

Your gathering is so timely, so needed and so important. What a terrific idea to bring the Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice for the 21st Century up to date. People called us crazy when we called for Time to Abolish War. Now they say, at last! It is time to “Save succeeding generations from the scourge of war”, as promised in the UN Charter.

Gender equality is now recognized as essential for the success of peace negotiations and the sustainability of peace agreements. I hope that the peace process for ending the Korean War and moving to a Peace Agreement will be your first priority.

2020 will be the 20th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution (SCR) 1325 on Women Peace and Security which had its origin at the Hague Appeal for Peace. Every country and locality should be implementing that unanimous agreement which is international law. It calls for the Participation of women at all decision making tables and in peace processes, Prevention of violent conflict and Protection of women and girls (I add, everyone) during violent conflict.

Global Warming needs to be included in your deliberations. It is time for the movements to abolish nuclear weapons and to stop Climate Change to merge. The consequences of nuclear war and climate change lead to the same result: the end of life as we know it, the end of the planet. One does it quickly, the other more slowly, although glaciers are melting at a faster pace and oceans are warming faster than previously thought. Making nuclear weapons smaller are a clear and present danger. We will be stronger and more inclusive if we work together. The UN Human Rights Committee says nuclear weapons are “incompatible with the right to life!

New threats to peace and to humanity have developed, including drones carrying bombs, Artificial Intelligence used in militarization and cyber warfare. Scientific developments that can destroy or create violence need regulation.

The Global Campaign for Peace Education was born at the 1999 Hague Appeal for Peace conference. Peace Education should be integrated into teacher training schools and into all curricula from primary schools through university and in communities.

A Culture of Peace will be achieved when citizens of the world understand global problems; have the skills to resolve conflict constructively; know and live by international standards of human rights, gender and racial equality; appreciate cultural diversity; and respect the integrity of the Earth. Such learning cannot be achieved without intentional, sustained and systematic education for peace.” Mission Statement of the Global Campaign for Peace Education.

Have a wonderful time together, and lots of good luck for a successful Forum.

I am with you in spirit.

Cora Weiss

President, Hague Appeal for Peace

UN Representative, International Peace Bureau”