Protest of the Shoes: Grieving Every Loss of Palestine

#ProtestoftheShoes: Grieving Every Loss of Palestine

Ceasefire Now! Stop the Genocide! Free Palestine!

In solidarity with the Korean Civil Society in Solidarity and Palestine led a movement, we support the Protest of the Shoes campaign. Learn more how you can continue the support through here:

The whole world is witnessing a genocide. From October 7 to today, more than 13,000 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip, 75% of the people killed are children, women, and elderly. The missing and injured persons are uncountable. More children have died in Gaza in the past month than have died in all conflict zones combined in the past year. The international community, including the UN General Assembly resolution, is calling for an immediate ceasefire from Israel, but the Israeli says there’s no ceasefire and continues to bomb.

On November 17th, 2,000 pairs of donated shoes were displayed in Bosingak Square, South Korea. A banner with the names and ages of the dead was also hung. On that day, the Urgent Action by the Korean Civil Society in Solidarity with Palestine led a movement.

Watch the video here: