On February 13, the court overturned the previous decision on release and sent Boris Kagarlitsky to prison for five years. Sign the petition for his release.

Sign the petition now for his release:

IPB supports the petition to release the leading Russian socialist intellectual and anti-war activist Dr Boris Kagarlitsky. Dr Kagarlitsky was arrested on the absurd charge of ‘justifying terrorism’ in July last year. After a global campaign reflecting his worldwide reputation as a writer and critic of capitalism and imperialism, his trial ended on December 12 with a guilty verdict and a fine of 609,000 roubles. On February 13 a military court of appeal sent him to prison for five years and banned him from running a website for two years after his release.

Dr Kagarlitsky has responded to the court’s outrageous decision with calm and dignity: ‘We just need to live a little longer and survive this dark period for our country,’ he said. Russia is nearing a period of radical change and upheaval, and freedom for Dr Kagarlitsky and other activists is a condition for these changes to take a progressive course.

We demand that Boris Kagarlitsky and all other anti-war prisoners be released immediately and unconditionally.

We also call on the authorities of the Russian Federation to reverse their growing repression of dissent and respect their citizens’ freedom of speech and right to protest.