GDAMS Workshops April 2020

During the Global Days of Action on Military Spending 2020, IPB ran two online webinars.

The first, entitled “The Opportunity Costs of Military Spending: How and Why it’s Time to Rethink our Priorities” was directed toward students and young professionals and organized as an active discussion and brainstorming session. Details on military spending in 12 countries were presented to participants who were then tasked with thinking up solutions that could be taken by individuals and groups to combat the continued growth of military spending at the cost of social budgets.

The second, entitled “Challenging Nuclear Weapons in Europe” was originally designed as a side event to the NPT Review Conference in New York, but moved online due to Covid-19. It featured a range of global experts on nuclear weapons and energy, including:

Hans Kristensen, Director Nuclear Project -Federation of American Scientists – Points of tensions in regards to Nuclear Weapons in Europe
Oleg Bodrov, Director Coalition for a Clean Baltic/Russia – A view from Russia
Kate Hudson, Executive Director CND– UK nuclear developments
Bastien Lachaud, French MP – French situation
Kathrine Vogler, German MP – German situation
Daniel Högsta, ICAN Campaign Coordinator – Tracks for progress in Europe
Owen Tudor, ITUC Deputy General Secretary – Labor movement and peace
Susi Snyder, Pax Project Leader -Don’t Bank On the Bomb campaign on divestments and financial institutions
Philip Jennings, IPB Co-President- Building coalition with the social movements

Watch the complete webinar “Challenging Nuclear Weapons in Europe” here.