C7: “G7 Stuck in the Here and Now”

News | Borgo Egnazia , 14 June 2024.

The G7 lacks vision and commitment to address the root causes of today’s and tomorrow’s crises.

The depth of inequalities, human rights violations, threats to the planet, and fragility of global peace call for urgent and concrete multilateral cooperative actions. A “new peace agenda” is needed to overcome the current polycrisis, which particularly affects women, children, youth, and the most marginalized.  It must be an agenda able to ensure a future of rights and social and personal development for all, building trust on respect for shared rules, such as international law, International Humanitarian Law (IHL), Human rights and the 2030 Agenda, consolidating the role of international multilateral bodies called upon to enforce these rules, avoiding double standards and attacks on institutions. Collective and shared security must be seen as a pillar of “Positive Peace”, pursuing mutual security instead of at the expense of another state. The G7 should invest in trust, solidarity, universality and global disarmament (both nuclear and conventional) instead of in a ‘muscular confrontation’. Resources should be allocated to addressing structural and systemic challenges, to pursue justice and sustainability for all. The almost unconditional support of the G7 to Ukraine must be oriented in this perspective.

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