Statement by the Turkish Global Peace and Justice Coalition

turkey82No to the dictator and no to war!

The enactment should be withdrawn!

While we have been mourning for our brothers and sisters who were killed by shells thrown from Syria in the Akçakale district of Urfa province, all of a sudden we found ourselves in the screams of warmongers. Turkey answered by hitting Syria, and the Turkish government demanded authorization of cross border military operations from the parliament. The demand was voted in a secret session in the parliament and it passed with the votes of AKP (Justice and Development Party – government party) and MHP (Nationalist Action Party – fascist party).

We know that Assad is a killer and dictator. He has been bombing his own people for months. As a result of attacks of the regime, thirty two thousand people were killed in 18 months and approximately one million people emigrated.


No dictatorship can live forever. If there is anything which can prolong a life of a dictatorship it is a foreign military operation.

We, as peace activists, say that only Syrian people can determine their own destiny. Turkey, USA, NATO or Iran, Russia and Qatar have certainly no right to interfere in Syria.

We are with the Syrian people and against the Assad dictatorship!


Any military action to Syria will transform the region into a blood bath. So we demand our government to withdraw the authorization of military action immediately. We are against any military action not only against Syria but also against north of Iraq. Having military actions in the region means worsening the Kurdish question as well.

We call on all the people who are against war to support the Syrian people!

We call on all the people who are against war to support the Kurdish people!

No to War!


Yildiz Onen

On behalf of the Global Peace and Justice Coalition, Turkey





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