NPT PrepCom – IPB side events

In the first week of the Non-Proliferation Treaty PrepComm (April 30 -May 11), IPB organised 4 side events, together with our partners INES and Gensuikyo.

The cost of nuclear weapons: a disarmament for development perspective

Due to the economic crisis, some governments have announced cuts in public spending, which has increased interests in military budgets and in particular the costs of nuclear weapons. The panel addressed this issue from several perspectives and proposed possible actions for the civil society. The discussion was chaired by Tomas Magnusson, IPB Co-President.

– The misuse of brainpower: the role of science in military-related research and technology development (with INES)

Science research has contributed to the technological development of weaponry; and in fact the military research sector has become an important lobbyist for armaments budgets. Yet alternatives to weapons research are now available, for example ‘civil clauses’ and projects of conversion. The workshop explored both the challenges that we face and the opportunities opening up for developing different ways for scientists and engineers to put their skills at the service of society. The discussion was chaired by Ingeborg Breines, IPB Co-President.

– A & H Bomb exhibition organised with Gensuikyo

The exhibition shows the human consequences of the use of a nuclear bomb, and why the human race must ban nuclear weapons. This exhibition is part of the new campaign launched by Gensuikyo in order to achieve a world without nuclear weapons. Ingeborg Breines, IPB Co-President, made a speech during the opening ceremony.

– Symposium and public meeting on the role of the IAEA (with IALANA, INES, IPPNW, ENRIC, Forum Wissenschaft und Umwelt)

This well-attended meeting offered a platform for a range of experts to outline the history and functions of the Agency, and to develop a critique of its double role: that of promoting nuclear energy while also acting as a watchdog regarding diversion of nuclear materials for military purposes.