Women Concern

+243 820 539 830
193 Av. PE Lumumba, Commune d’Ibanda, Ville de Bukavu-RDC
Democratic Republic of Congo
➡️ Webpage: https://www.women-concern.org/

The organization was founded in 2017 as a result of the bad experience that women and girls live in the armed conflicts that have continued to plague our country for more than two decades. Living atrociously with sexual violence, internal and even external displacement in search of refuge with all the consequences of supporting families alone when their spouses are in the battles and/or have died following the battles, we decided to found Women Concern and work on peace in DR Congo with women as the main actors and thus restore peace in general but in a particular way for women and girls and thus stop armed conflicts and wars in RD Congo.
Main activities:
  1. Fight against small arms and light weapons:
    • Awareness
    • Disarmament and socio-economic reintegration
    • Advocacy
  2. Cross-community women’s dialogue