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The tragic images in the news of civilian casualties in wars mean that we are committed to preventing wars and solving them diplomatically. We also find inspiration in other – positive – ways.

Loesje’s poster “Als er wat speelt in een land laat het dan de kinderen zijn” a Dutch pun meaning that if something is going on in a country let it be children playing, and the comment by a UNICEF employee that the refugee Syrian children in a refugee camp were very quiet, also indicate the need for this and thus formed a source of inspiration.


Peace SOS’s mission is to promote peace and human rights and fight poverty. We are happy to contribute to a better, more peaceful, and fairer world for everyone.


For Peace SOS, the goal of Peace SOS is paramount. Promoting peace and human rights and combating poverty.

Peace SOS likes to work with partners who have their roots in other countries. Since local people know the culture best and are aware of the situation. For example, we work together with Burundian Women for Peace and Development to jointly do what we can to prevent a war in Burundi.

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