International Peace Commission – Cote d’Ivoire

International Peace Commission
Cote d’Ivoire

IPC is working in collaboration with the UN organs, such as UNEP, UNDP, UNCHR, UNDDA, and WTO for the betterment of our global society.IPC is associated with “Conference of NGO (CONGO)” in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations Organization (UNO) and incorporated in the state Missouri United States of America as Non Profit organization and having Partnership /Collaboration with more than 1000 International Non Governmental Organizations in more than 28 countries.

The main focus of our work is Human Rights, Social Development, Education, NGO Networking, Environment, Youth, Health, International Campaign against Aids, Women Empowerment, Media, Democratization, Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Management, Peace Keeping, Disarmament and sustainability through development and support of civil society initiatives and goals.