Georgia for Human Rights and Democracy

+995 322 294136
Tskneti Road 22, Flat 2a

The Public Movement Georgia for Human Rights and Democracy (GHRD) was established on the base of the former Association for Protection of the Rights of the Refugees from Abkhazia (APRRA) in Tbilisi (Capital of the Republic of Georgia), on November 2, 2012. GHRD is a Non-Governmental, officially registered organisation. GHRD is registered by the Georgian National Agency of Public Registry as a Non-Commercial Legal Person on November 13, 2012 (Decision No: B12122192/8; Identification Code: 202212346; Number of the State Registration: 2/9-517).
Main aims of GHRD are:
– Permanent monitoring of the condition of Human Rights and Basic Freedoms in Georgia;
– Permanent defending of the interests and the state souvereignity of Georgia;
– Promotion of Democracy in Georgia;
– Educational and publishing activity.