Centre d Estudis per la Pau J M Delàs

+34 933 176 177
C. Erasme de Janer, 8 entresuelo

This organization has individual membership (40). It was founded in 1999. The Centre d’Estudis per la Pau J.M. Delàs was created in 1999 in Justícia i Pau which had started in 1988. Currently, it is an independent Centre of Research and Documentation on issues related to disarmament and peace. The Study Centre for Peace was given the name of J.M. Delàs in memory of Josep Manuel Delàs, who was the chairman of Justice and Peace – Girona and previously was an army reserve commander and a member of the UMD (Democratic Military Union) and he devoted the last part of his life to the defense of peace and values of non-violence. The mission of the Centre is to strengthen the culture of peace and the construction of a disarmed society, making people aware of the negative effects of arms and militarism.