IPB Annual Report 2022-2023

In the International Peace Bureau (IPB) Annual Report for 2022-2023, we are proud to showcase the impactful projects, activities, and publications stemming from our major programs in Disarmament for Sustainable Development, Nuclear Disarmament, Common Security, Global Challenges and Peace, and Regional Peace Actions.

Our Disarmament for Sustainable Development initiative has been particularly focused on the Global Campaign on Military Spending and the Global Days of Action on Military Spending, underscoring our commitment to redirect resources towards sustainable development. In the realm of Nuclear Disarmament, our efforts have revolved around the implementation and activities surrounding the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), contributing to the global movement for a nuclear-free world.

Collaborating with the Interparliamentary Union, our Common Security program emphasizes both global and local applications of Common Security and Human Security, fostering partnerships for a more secure and humane world. The Global Challenges and Peace program addresses pressing issues such as the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, Israel-Palestine, and Manipur, India, along with climate-related challenges and our active participation in No to NATO activities.

Lastly, the Regional Peace Actions update us on our endeavors in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe, reflecting our commitment to fostering peace and stability on a regional scale. The IPB continues to be at the forefront of global efforts towards a more peaceful and secure world, and this annual report serves as a testament to our dedication to these crucial causes.