IPB and friends welcome hibakusha in Athens

welcome-hibakusha-in-athens19th September 2016 – On Sept 16, Colin Archer visited Athens, on the invitation of IPB member organisation PADOP (Observatory of International Organisations and Globalisation, Greece). He spoke at the ceremonies organised to welcome the visit of Peace Boat to Piraeus and Athens. The Japanese group on board included a delegation of Hibakusha/Second generation and Youth Communicators. The programme comprised: a meeting with the Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Mardas; an informal gathering with the Mayor of Tripolis; and a formal session in the Senate Chamber of the Greek Parliament, chaired by the Deputy Speaker, and attended by MPs from several political parties.

Panos Trigazis, Coordinator of PADOP, read out a special message of greeting to the Hibakusha from Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. There was considerable interest among the national media. A Mediterranean Peace and Solidarity Appeal was published by Peace Boat, PADOP, IPPNW and IPB. In addition, a special message was conveyed to the Foreign Minister, urging the Government to support the upcoming UNGA resolution in favour of opening talks next year on a nuclear weapons ban treaty.