Public Educational Association for Community Excellence

A Introduction to (PEACE)
Public Educational Association for Community Excellence

PEACE is an educational organization that has been working since 2007 with private Schools where orphans and deserved are getting free education. It has also been arranging awareness programmes, seminars, debates, symposiums and teachers training workshops Pakistan is an extremely backward illiterate country in the third world. The main reason to being a backward country is that the literacy rate is the lowest. That is why our country has failed in every field of life. It has increased penury and employment. The employment is the main reason of corruption, terrorism and extremism in our society.

It is not due to an economic problem but with the system of education. This system is a challenge. If we could not meet this challenge the destiny of the poor will remain in the hands of feudal. Public Educational Association for Community Excellence (PEACE) is a collective platform of various schools and educational organizations which is an attack against our education system as well as feudalism.

PEACE has been interested to promote peace through justice and radical education. As the world has changed and new social movements have emerged worldwide. The World Social Forum has brought them together to draw up a vision of a new society. The goal is the transform society, with hope and confidence in a better future and to see their journey from poverty to prosperity.

So, Public Educational Association for Community Excellence (PEACE) has setup with the realization that drastic reforms are needed in our education system. Our inspiration comes from the Academic System in this country. Our point is if we do not upgrade our education system we will have a chronic sense of despair among the masses.