Re-imagining New Communities

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Re-Imagining New Communities is a small peacebuilding and communication organization. Based in Kenya and operational across 7 counties, the organization is dedicated to fostering sustainable peace through various transformative programs. Our Children-Led Community Peace Labs operate in both rural and urban settlements of Kenya, empowering children and schools with the artistry of peace, laying the foundation for a harmonious future. The Faith for Peace program focuses on empowering religious leaders by providing a space for peer learning, support, and guidance in the alchemy of peace, leadership, and conflict resolution. Through Participatory Action Research, we collaborate with communities on grassroots research initiatives aimed at catalyzing meaningful transformation. Additionally, our Community Dialogues initiative fosters heartfelt connections across communities through both digital and in-person dialogues, promoting understanding and unity.
Why We Started:Insights from the Founding Director Growing up in the neighborhoods of Mathare North and attending school in Korogocho, both urban slums in eastern Nairobi, Sahlim Charles witnessed the ceaseless cycle of violence and instability.
The wounds from Kenya’s 2007-2008 post-election violence ran deep in his community, with conflict persisting day and night. Seeing fellow children and community members subjected to brutalization in broad daylight due to their political affiliations left an enduring impact in him.
Even during comparatively peaceful times in subsequent elections, palpable tension loomed over the community, affecting the children most profoundly, leaving them traumatized even in moments of uneasy calm. Recognizing that without proper guidance, those children would grow up accepting violence as an inevitable part, Sahlim felt compelled to act.
He understood the urgency for diverse peacebuilding strategies in urban settings. This motivation led him to initiate a peacebuilding initiative that focused on children in rural and urban settlements of Kenya. Through this, he aimed to transform their reality, leveraging art and education as potent tools to tackle internal and external challenges. By equipping and mentoring these children, the organization’s mission was to shatter the cycle of violence and instill a sense of hope and potential in their lives.

Golden Achievers Self Help Group

GASH is registered as community based organization (2011) and it is integral, inclusive and religiously impartial organization, whose platform/vision is championing peace, social cohesion and economic empowerment and development in Kenya and other African Nations. The 65% of its membership consists of victim survivors of political and tribal violence in Kenya who benefited from humanitarian support and counseling programs and decided to join it to champion peace, not as victim but as messengers of peace in Africa.