In Memoriam: David Krieger

A great heart of peace has stopped beating.

On the death of David Krieger.

Throughout his life, David Krieger was an ardent and tireless campaigner for a world without nuclear weapons. In 1982, he founded the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, of which he was President until 2019. He was involved in many small, large and international anti-nuclear events and activities.

In 1981, he was involved in the founding of the International Network of Scientists and Engeneers, which he served as president in the 1990s and 2000s and whose development into an international network of scientists for responsibility and peace he significantly influenced. As a mentor, he promoted the development of this network for decades

His texts, but especially his deeply humanistic poems, influenced the development of many young people.

He was closely associated with IPB in the common rejection of the madness of nuclear weapons.

Personally, it was a pleasure to work closely with him in positions of responsibility over the years. His will to change, his argumentative strength and persuasiveness, his perseverance and patience, but also his insistence on never giving up characterized our close cooperation. His friendliness and charm made every conversation and discussion with him a lasting element of our joint work.

I am losing a good friend.

The global peace movement must mourn the loss of a tireless fighter and campaigner for a world without nuclear weapons. Bertold Brecht’s words apply to him: the strongest fight for a lifetime, they are indispensable. We will miss him, but we will continue to work in his spirit for a world free of nuclear weapons.

Reiner Braun, former President of the IPB and Executive Director of INES from 1991 to 2001 and member of the Board of Directors until 2006

A peace hero salute, David. Your accomplishments, contributions, efforts and love for humanity and peace will always be remembered.

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