Peace Wave Sept 20 – 26

As it is written in the Final Declaration of the World Conference Against A and H Bombs “To move forward towards completely eliminating nuclear weapons, it is of decisive importance to build a majority of opinion in favour of the treaty in the nuclear-armed countries and their allies and press their governments to sign and ratify the treaty with the force of public opinion and movements.”  In pledging to do this, a variety of actions have been launched, the first one being the global Peace Wave – initiated by Gensuikyo, a week of actions in all countries from 20 to 26 September, for on 20 September the United Nations will host a ceremony where States come and sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons!

Below we will try and keep track of the myriad actions that have been planned! And Gensuikyo, too, is collecting and then disseminating the lists of actions (which can be found here).


Léonie Ebert, Founder, The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation Inc.

Dear Peace Wave Task Force

send out an email to our members to notify them of the action taken and the possibility of signing the petition.


From Ottawa, I’d like to invite you to join IPB members groups and allies in Canada online on September 20 by sharing photos using the hashtag #bannukes.

We are organizing “Citizen Signing Ceremonies” in 8 cities and communities on September 20 in support of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. You can see the list here:

And, if you are interested in organizing your own ceremony, here is a description of the action, and sharing a link to the design for our oversized “Treaty” that you can print for people to sign, snap a picture, and then share on social media using #bannukes hashtag.


Jessie Seehuusen, Peace Watch and Tid til Fred – Aktiv mod Krig

FredsVagten ved Christiansborg (The Peace Watch, which for sixteen years has conducted an everyday manifestation for peace in front of the parliament) and Tid til Fred – Aktiv mod Krig (a more recent, but energetic group of activists) will prepare a Peace Boat Trip in the canals of Copenhagen on September 21st, the day the UN has declared the international day of peace. We hire an open tourist boat, decorate it with posters and slogans so as to make it as eye-catching as possible, and fill it with activists carrying peace flags. The boat will be circulating for a couple of hours, and in various places we shall disembark to talk with people and hand out leaflets. Last year we celebrated the day of peace in the same way, see:


Brooke Takala Abraham, Faculty of Arts, Law and Education, The University of the South Pacific

Peace Wave teach-in on Wednesday (20th Sept) in Suva, Fiji.


Roland Nivet, Spokesperson, Mouvement de la Paix

On 23 September, more than 40 peace marches will be carried out, urging France to ratify the Ban Treaty, marking the Peace Wave and the UN International Day for Peace. And about 40 initiatives as debates and meetings will be held.

— Rennes: Walk “stop the war, stop the violence, stop the misery” – departure 16H metro Charles De Gaulle (march preceded by a debate at the associations house).

— Quimper: Rendez-vous is given at 11 Heures, at the Pont Médard on the Steir, to go to the Garden of Peace, rue des Douves.

— Brest: Departure of the walk: Jardin Kennedy at 11H30. Symbolic walk for Peace to and from Square Kennedy towards Cours Dajot (distribution of leaflets throughout the day in the Saint Michel fair: get in touch with all volunteers at 9:30 am Square Kennedy for distribution and public inquiry 11H30 for walking).

— Lannion: Walk for peace – departure at 11 am Place de la Mairie until the sub-prefecture of Lannion.

— Nantes: Walk for Peace on Saturday, September 23rd. Departure of the Walk at 11 am to the Monument to the 50 hostages.


Wolfgang Schlupp-Hauck, Chairman, Friedens Werkstatt Mutlangen

A press release on September 20th.  On September 23rd there will be a meeting in Mutlangen with about 60 people to commemorate 40 years of “Ohne Rüstung Leben” (Living withour Arms). We will demand on this occassion, that Germany joins the ban treaty.
After the elections for the Bundestag on September 24th we will hand over to the parties forming the new coalition for the government more than 20.000 Signatures demanding the same. This is organiszed by the Campaign “Büchel ist überall – (Büchel is everywhere – nuclear weapons free)” (German branch of Abolition 2000).


Jammu Narayana Rao, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space – Nagpur, India

The details of the Programmes are as follows:

— Visakhapatnam: Peace March, meeting and signature drive.

— Parvatipuram: Meeting and signature drive.

— Nagpur: (1) Meetings and signature drive
(2) Meeting, photo exhibition and signature drive.

— Bhubaneswar: Meetings and signature drive, Organizer: Mr. Maheswar Raut.

— Indore: Meeting and signature drive.

— Didghapanda: Meeting and signature drive.


20 September, press conference and release of continuing campaign called “Italia, Ripensaci” (which means Italy, please change your mind … and join the ban treaty process). The campaign began in autumn 2016, with a relatively good success: some mainstream media have picked it up and many online reports have stressed the fact that there are committees all over the country supporting the Ban Treaty. In this press release we shall list the actions and events:

– Citizen signing action: there will be a simple website where people can send a picture of themselves signing the Ban Treaty. But there will also be suggestions of how to organize events in a more collective and public manner, such as meetings of City Councils (we provide draft resolution) where the decision is taken to sign the Treaty and send the information to the government, in order to encourage them to change their minds.

– An official letter to Prime Minister and Foreign Minister on behalf of Italian Mayors for Peace (almost 500 of them), with declarations from both Mayor Matsui of Hiroshima and Mayor Taue of Nagasaki.

– We have translated ICAN’s Pledge to be signed by Parliamentarians and added to it the signing of the Treaty.

– We shall collect endorsements and list the Italian associations/committees/unions that sign the Treaty.

– On 21 September inauguration of Senzatomica Exhibition ( at Pieve di Cento, near Bologna.

– A high level conference organized by Pugwash and Union of Scientists for Disarmament in Castiglioncello, 21-22-23 September

– Presentation of “For a nuclear weapon free world”, a collection of essays by members of our abolitionist community, edited by Enza Pellecchia from Senzatomica and published by the University of Pisa Press, in the Senate, Rome, on the International Day for the total elimination of nuclear weapons, 26 September. On that occasion we shall also collect Citizens’ signatures and pledges among parliamentarians.

In Italy, our Peace Wave actions will continue beyond 26 September: on 28 September a meeting convened by the Florence City Council Peace Committee, on 2 October the inauguration of the Senzatomica Exhibition in Turin, on 4 October a session on the Ban Treaty at the University of Florence, etc.



— At noon, September 20, we will declare the start of “Peace Wave” in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Tokyo, and conduct a wide variety of actions, including the street signature campaigns nationwide.

— Together with the Hibakusha, we will stage the “Orizuru (peace crane) Action” from 1:30pm in front of the Prime Minister’s Office, Tokyo to urge Prime Minister Abe and the government of Japan to sign the Treaty.  We will also visit the embassies of nuclear weapon possessing countries to call for their joining in the treaty.

— We will continue to carry out actions at various parts of Japan and on September 26, we will join a large scale of signature campaign to be initiated by the Signature Campaign Promotion Committee.

— We will call on all of you to join the “Peace Wave” actions to circle the glove.  Let us start planning/preparations for a success of the starting actions and greater variety of activities at your local communities, workplaces, school campuses and all around the world.

Marshall Islands  

Desmond Narain Doulatram, REACH-MI (Radiation Exposure Awareness Crusaders for Humanity – Marshall Islands)

Online Petition to to have the United States Congress address the Changed Circumstance Petition which is basically Victim Assistance and Environmental Remediation obligations mentioned also in Article 6 & 7 of the Nuclear Ban Treaty recently voted on by 122 member states.

New Zealand

Tauranga Worship Group of the Religious Society of Friends, Aotearoa New Zealand

There will be held a candlelit vigil every evening from 20th – 26th September, at 5pm – 6pm at the Greerton Public Library, Tauranga, New Zealand.  Posters will be displayed with slogans such as:” Support Ban on Nuclear Weapons”.

Republic of Korea

Lee Jun Kyu, researcher
Press Conference, rallies and performances are planned during Peace Wave campaign period.  Various citizens groups will carry out actions together, connecting it with North Korean nuclear issue.

Saitama group of the National Council of Singing Voice of Japan Organizations in Seoul

Saitama Choral Society from Japan will join the music concert for the 10th anniversary of the Peace Tree Choral Group of Seoul on September 23. Next day, from 12:30, Saitama group will hold a signature drive for the “International Hibakusha Appeal” in front of Myeongdong Church in Seoul, together with their friends in Korea, calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons. Saitama choral group will bring “peace crane badges” hand-made by the Hibakusha in Saitama as souvenirs, and are folding paper cranes to be handed to the people who will sign the Appeal.  Already 1,300 signatures have been collected by the Saitama group, as part of the Peace Wave to circle around the globe.


Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

– In the run up to the 20th CND will have a social media campaign profiling a celebrity every day in favour of the UN treaty.

– On Wednesday 20th September at 3.30pm CND and its partners will be handing in a letter to Downing Street together with the letters our members and supporters have signed to send to the PM about this issue.

– On the 23rd September, the Guardian will carry a full-page advert calling for the cancellation of Trident replacement and support for the global ban.

– We are also working to get a letter in the Guardian from prominent figures including MPs, faith leaders and trade union leaders, in support of the ban treaty.

– CND groups and members will hold a local constituency lobby and make appointments to see their MPs on either Friday 22nd or Saturday 23rd September to discuss supporting the UN treaty.

–  On Saturday 23rd, a number of CND groups will hold a local stall to highlight the UN treaty and Britain’s decision not to support it.


New York Peace Action

Event being organized by N.Y. Peace Action in New York City.

Jeff Napolitano, Pioneer Valley Chapter, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Massachusetts

Climate Change and the Growing Risk of Nuclear War

WhenSaturday, September 23, 2017, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.
WhereHadley Farms Meeting House, 41 Russell St, Hadley, MA.
WhatA Symposium with speakers:
Bill McKibben—; Nitin Damle—American College of Physicians; Michael Klare—Peace and World Security Studies Program, Five Colleges; Jennifer Leaning—Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Zia Mian—Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University; Ira Helfand—Physicians for Social Responsibility; Marty Nathan—Climate Action; John Loretz—International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.
Sponsored by Pioneer Valley Chapter, Physicians for Social Responsibility

Boston International Day of Peace – Workshops and Demonstration

at 1 pm on Sunday 24th September on the Boston Common (near the Park Street MBTA station). 

workshops will start at 3:30 at Beacon Hill Friends House (6 Chestnut Street). More information here


Frederick Peace Wave Vigil

Sunday, September 24th 2:00 p.m.
Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ steps, 15 West Church Street
Frederick, Maryland 21701

Multi faith Musical Celebration For Peace follows the vigil at 3 p.m.

Concert sponsors:
Frederick Area Ministerial Alliance and Frederick Interfaith


2:30, September 20 WILPF initiated party to celebrate the Ban Treaty
S & S Restaurant

Ian Harrington, Peace Action Massachusetts

At 1 pm on Sunday 24th September on the Boston Common (near the Park Street MBTA station). Workshops will start at 3:30 at Beacon Hill Friends House (6 Chestnut Street).

More information here

WILPF, Cambridge, Massachusetts

At 2:30, September 20, WILPF initiated party to celebrate the Ban Treaty at S & S Restaurant

David Swanson, World Beyond War, Washington D.C.

No War 2017: War and Environment — Just following the International Day of Peace, and in the tradition of No War 2016: Real Security Without Terrorism, and the best speech any U.S. president ever gave, this year’s conference will focus on activism, including activist planning workshops, addressing how the antiwar and environmental movements can work together.

More information here

Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Seattle, Washington

Fellow Buddhist Peace Fellowship Activists/Activists willing to do strategic meditation:
A short vigil Wed. Sept 20 (day the treaty to abolish nuclear weapons opens for signatures, see below) and/or Sept. 21st (United Nations’ annual International Day of Peace, and/or even on the Autumnal Equinox the next day).

That is only IF a few of us were interested and could come sit together. Email me directly if YOU are! Or call/text after 3pm, weekdays. These dates are a week away. Work To Liberate All Beings!
Contact: Rick, Email:

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Committee of the national capital area, Washington, D.C.

Should we have a candlelight vigil at the White House?

Women In Black Frederick, Maryland and Frederick Area Ministerial Alliance and Frederick Interfaith

We are planning a Peace Wave vigil in Frederick, Maryland on September 24th, 2 p.m. on the front steps of Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ, 15 West Church Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701.  Multi faith Musical Celebration for Peace follows the vigil at 3 p.m.

(Women In Black Frederick, Maryland 240/409-7176, and Frederick Area Ministerial Alliance

September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows (

September 20-26: Help build the Peace Wave together calling on all governments of the world to join the treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons.

Martha Spiess, Drone Quilt Project, Brunswick, Massachusetts

Part 1: Sept 26 Drones.  In  recognition of the Ban Treaty(Sept 20) , International day of Peace (sept 21), and International Day against nuclear weapons(Sept 26)

Part 2: Oct 24 Nuclear Impacts. In honor of UN Day. Movie:  Hibakusha, Our Life to Live

Part 3: Nov 14 Nuclear Weapons: Movie Command and Control.

Ming Lai, Council Member of Nevada Desert Experience 

NH Nuclear Weapons Working Group

Sept 21 from noon to 2 PM – tabling and signs in front of the State House as part of “Piece of Pizza for Peace”.


On the actual Peace Day, Thursday, September 21,  High Noon at City Hall  suggests itself as a good time and place for Peace Proclamations.  I may proclaim my put-aside speech … On a public space, by the “water sculpture.”   Consider if you have a proclamation to proclaim, or declare.  Anyone who wants to discuss a Peace Proclamation, please give me a call, or just show up. I have a little microphone.  This is also the Jewish New Year so some spiritual rededication is appropriate. We will read aloud, the United Nations Nuclear Weapons Ban treaty language.

In Detroit, on Peace Day afternoon, 1-4 PM at the “Swords Into Plowshares” Gallery (33 East Adams)  there is  Discussion invited at the Peace Table, on how the peace movement and the political work of peace activists and war resisters can be more affective… a much needed. discussion.

On Friday, September 22, back in Ann Arbor, we have reserved the Free Room (third floor) of the Downtown Public Library from 1-9 PM  for two sessions.

From 1-5 PM general discussion of the war system and an  “alternative global security system” . And likely planning of the roundtables for the Sunday Open Air Town Meeting, and from 5-9  PM opening and “live streaming”  the World Beyond War Washington DC Conference.   connecting the Peace and Environmental movements.  No War 2017 ( also with instructions on  live streaming the conference presentations on Saturday day and evening and Sunday, morning.  Many excellent speakers with much to say.

Next Sunday, September 24,  on the Library Lot, continues  and concludes Peace Week with the Open Air Town Meeting , “To Open The Mind”   Roundtables  will invite discussions on questions people want to discuss…continuing about the commons, and about reconciliation, raised by Peter and Stewart, about  nuclear weapons ban and negotiations for a Middle East Zone free of weapons of mass destruction, raised by Odile .  Women at the Peace Table will have a meeting time, sometime … Musical high-points will hold the stage between the talking times…the schedule on all these, still to be determined.