WSF: Peace, Conflict, War, Occupations, Displacement, And Security

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Date(s) - Friday - Feb 16, 2024
9:00 am - 11:00 am


World Social Forum 2024

Peace, Conflict, Occupations, Displacement, and Security
Date: February 16 2024 Time: 9 AM to 11. AM
Venue: Bhrikuti Mandap, Lhotse. WSF, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu

Aim of this Panel:
We have currently, the greatest global resurgence of armed conflicts since 1945. We are witnessing in real time the daily unfolding of ethnic cleansing, massacre of civilians, and strategic displacement of the Gazan civilian population as resistance against this oppression by Israel continues.

These multiple wars, occupations, and displacements are framed by distinct, contested, and opposing narratives. How should we in civil society and social movements frame these wars to show that the alternative to conflict, occupation, displacement, and civilian massacre is peace, human, and common security? How can our framing lead to and support action? How should we assess the global solidarity against occupation and record it as people’s history?

This thematic panel will be a conversation on these themes.


Speaker 1: WALDEN BELLO (confirmed, In person)
This will deconstruct wars, why have these armed conflicts increased during this period; what is the method of these wars? what is the agenda behind these wars? Who supports these wars? Who benefits from these wars? Who opposes?

Speaker 2: (from Nepal. In Person)
Will show the impact of these wars? On people; climate; migration/displacement; militarization; and nuclear issues.

Speaker 3:
JULIET WERE, Uganda, (confirmed)

Will explain the reactions and actions to these wars; reactions and actions by the hegemons/colonialists/empire; reactions and actions by multilateral forums and by other states; and reactions from civil society. Will examine the next phase of resistance movements.

Speaker 4: WESAM AKHMAD, Palestine (confirmed, in Person)
Will take up the specific case of Palestine; the genocide in Gaza; the attacks on the West Bank; the possible solutions; the spread of the war to the region; the resistance and the solidarity

Moderators: (In person)

Panel Reactors:

  1. Francis Daehoon Lee (on Northeast Asia)
  2. Necibe Qeredaxi (Jineoloji Academy) – Belgium/Kurdistan
  3. Laddawan (ACFOD) on Myanmar
  4. Najimoulay Lahsen (CIDH Africa)



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