Ukraine Two Years After the Invasion: War of Attrition or Chance for Peace?

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Date(s) - Saturday - Feb 24, 2024
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Ukraine Two Years After the Invasion: War of Attrition or Chance for Peace?

24 February 2024, 1pm– 4pm CET, Zoom

Session 1: Two Years In – War of Attrition and Consequences [1-1.50]
  1. The geopolitical realities – shifting attentions, exhaustion, no end in sight (12 min)
    • Changes in media coverage, war in Palestine, military aid, on-the-ground analysis
  2. The humanitarian and psychological consequences of continued warfare (12 min)
    • Including gender elements, children, infrastructure, refugees
  3. What might things look like a year from now if we continue on the same path? (12 min)
    • Risks of escalation or risks of continued attrition, including nuclear

Q&A (14 min) [10 minute break]

Session 2: Ways Out: Opportunities? [2-2.50] 

  1. Recent developments (or lack thereof) in diplomacy and peace (12 min) 
    • Including the rhetoric of Russia and Ukraine (and lack of progress)
    • What are China, Brazil, Vatican, others doing now?
  2. A critical analysis of the Zelinsky Peace Plan (12 min) 
    • Pluses and minuses of Zelensky’s Ukrainian Peace Formula
    • What problems, perspectives and added value it brings?
    • How balanced is the plan and how to improve it?
    • Could it be reconciled with Putin’s aggressive pursuit of Pax Russica?
  3. The continued challenge of building peace (12 minutes)
    • Overview of the complicated nature of building peace, the polarized climate, what has worked in the past to bring sides together

Q&A (14 minutes) [10 minute break]

Session 3: Civil Society in Action [3-4]
  1. Public opinion, international law, and crisis as opportunity (10 minutes)
    • Focus on expanding the movement, outreach, bridging gaps
  2. Breakout sessions for brainstorming civil society actions (40 minutes)
    • Each assigned a note taker
  3. Short exchange of outcomes of sessions with promise of information to be sent via email (10 minutes)

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