The Impacts of Covid-19 on Peace Processes in Africa

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Date(s) - Wednesday - Mar 31, 2021
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Join the International Peace Bureau for the next webinar in its Africa series.

Eight individuals working in peace-related organisations from five African countries will come together and discuss the challenges to peace work throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Drawing on their own and that of their teams grassroots experiences, we anticipate their contributions to bring a unique understanding to what professional-life in the African peacebuilding sector has been like since the pandemic.

Registration for the event is now open and can be accessed here.

We would like to introduce the panel of speakers below.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Paul Bulamo Seseti, Association of acts Peace Community Development (APADEC)
Paul BULAMBO Seseti is of Congolese nationality.he works with the WPI as DRC coordinator and APADEC coordinator. Paul created Uvira Peace Club “to spread the concept of peace …”. Paul is a visionary and among the founding members of APADEC which works for the consolidation of peace, democracy in DRC… Paul is an independent researcher focused on conflict resolution and the disarmament of young boys and girls in armed forces and groups in eastern and south-eastern DRC. Paul has attended numerous capacity building trainings on peacebuilding, peaceful cohabitation in Thailand, Nairobi, Ivory Coast and humanitarian assessments in DRC. Paul has attended many capacity building trainings on peacebuilding, mediation, peaceful cohabitation, protection monitoring and humanitarian assessments in DRC, Thailand, Nairobi and Côte d’Ivoire. Paul holds a license from the Higher Institute of Rural Development option Rural Administration at ISDR-UVIRA/ RDC!

Freddy Mwambi Kasongo, Association of acts Peace Community Development  (APADEC )
Freddy is currently project manager within the organization “APADEC” where he is responsible for carrying out the various tasks within the organization from 2018 to the present day including peace projects, project of identification, documentation, tracing and family reunification of children associated with armed forces and groups and also other community development projects. Before joining APADEC, Freddy already worked with (MSF Holland) in Uvira, Action Contre la Faim (ACF) in Uvira, at the NGO Norwegian Council for Refugees in Uvira, at the NGO ADRA in Fizi, at the NGO (WWI) in Sange and the NGO CEDIER being verifier of the presumed children released into armed groups in Fizi, Freddy has undergone multiple training courses in planning, monitoring and evaluating humanitarian needs which have increased knowledge in the various humanitarian actions.

Elizabeth Namudulo Maua, Association of acts Peace Community Development (APADEC)
Elisabeth is currently in charge of human resources at APADEC intervening mainly in peacebuilding and community development actions. Elisabeth worked with the Kalundu savings and credit cooperative in Uvira from 2015 to 2018, Elisabeth is involved in non-profit organizations in the fields of marketing and peacebuilding. Elisabeth is a graduate of the Higher Pedagogical Institute of Bukavu / DRC “ISP BUKAVU” in 2015 and she has experiences in civil society organizations. She has worked as a volunteer since then in APADEC and member of Uvira Peace club set up in DRC by World Peace initiative. Elisabeth currently holds a degree in computer science. It has benefited from various capacities building in human resources management, peace, the INPP in terms of planning and study tours. She liked to laugh and dance.


Mrs. Faustina Dery Amaning-Kwarteng, Global Peace Association of Ghana (GloPAG)
I am a Ghanaian by nationality, a forma national treasure of the Ghana united National Association and currently the Ashanti regional coordinator of the GloPAG.

Joseph Donkoh,  Global Peace Association of Ghana (GloPAG)
I am a Ghanaian by Nationality, a  former National Coordinator who also became the Director of Administration  for  the Ghana United Nations Associations and now the Secretary-General and founder of the Global Peace Association of Ghana, my motivation for the  establishment of the Global Peace Association of Ghana came in mind as a result of the level at  which the peace process of the entire world is being undermined most especially Africa, whose leaders continue to exhibit their ignorance when it comes to PEACE and it’s sustenance.


Elizabeth “Shiro max” Wanjiru, Celestial music and arts Network
I am from Kenya and currently the secretary general of the Celestial music and arts Network the organization uses music and different forms of art to disseminate information, empowerment in various issues affecting the society. I’m skilled in civic education and governance, Training in matters health, trainer in arts and life skills and also trainer in peer education.


Tyson Smith Berry Jr, 4kids International
Tyson Smith Berry Jr is a sociologist and Liberian Youth Development youth peace Expert with over 11-years experience in local community engagement, youth empowerment initiatives, entrepreneurship, peacebuilding, and social justice advocacy. Mr. Tyson Smith Berry Jr. is the Executive Director of 4Kids International, Liberia’s Youth-led Development Organization established in 2017 aim to create and promote Children and Youths empowerment through advocacy and capacity building activities. Mr. Tyson Smith Berry Jr also served as Field Facilitator and Project Assistant at Right To Play, coordinating Right To Play Peace Building Project in project communities in Nimba Country. Mr. Berry Jr also served as Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Admissions, Records and Registrations at AME Zion University. As educator, Mr. Tyson Smith Berry Jr also impacted the lives of many youths and children through the classroom as instructor.


Mrs. Laurence Mukayiranga, National Unity and Reconciliation Commission
I am Rwandan, 45 years old, married, mother of 3 children. I have  a master of Peace and conflict Transformation studies from the University of Rwanda.   I’ve been working for Rwanda Unity and Reconciliation commission for 15 years with a strong commitment to achieve sustainable impact. I have strong  relationship with stakeholders in peace building and reconciliation in Rwanda and have devoted my work in partnership building, promoting dialogue approach for reconciliation with in extreme passion for social healing and Peace Education. I’ve been involved in designing and developing strategic program and projects to promote reconciliation. Currently I am the Director of Unity and reconciliation promotion at National Unity and Reconciliation Commission. I am also vice chairperson of the Catholic Bishops Commission for Peace and Justice in Rwanda. I speak French.