CONGRESS on NEUTRALITY: a Strategy for Global Stabilization

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Date(s) - Thursday - Apr 4, 2024 - Sunday - Apr 7, 2024
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4th – 7th April, Bogotá

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With the support of: AbFaNG, AIPP, Codapso, Colombia Acuerdo de Paz, Congreso de los Pueblos, GAMIP-LA&C, ITM, IPB, Kavilando, Neutrality Studies, Proceso de Comunidades Negras, Observatorio SOAW-Chile, RedPaz, TNI, Unaula, UP, Veterans for Peace, Veteranos por Colombia, Veterans Global Peace Network, WorldBeyondWar.

A Call to Action for Neutrality and World Peace!

Each year hundreds of thousands of people are killed and tens of millions are displaced by war and armed conflict around the world – from Africa to Asia to the American continent and in Europe. This surge in violence demands that we urgently rethink our global strategies and advocate for neutrality as a fundamental tool for building peace.

Colombia, a country of diversity and progress, raises its voice to invite all people of the world to join the International Congress “Neutrality: A Strategy for Global Stabilization”.

Why in Colombia?

In Colombia, a progressive government is leading an integral effort to end internal armed conflicts and dismantle non-state armed groups. President Gustavo Petro’s “Total Peace” initiative seeks to consolidate the 2016 peace agreement with the FARC, negotiate peace with the ELN, and dismantle illegal armed actors, prioritizing civilian protection and human security. At the international level, Colombia advocates for peace in Ukraine and Palestine, reflecting its global commitment. It also confronts the climate change crisis, demonstrating its determination to address both local and global challenges. This progressive government marks a crucial milestone in the search for a peaceful, sustainable future for Colombia and the world.

Building Global Peace: The Congress’ Main Objective

From April 4-7, 2024, International experts on neutrality, peace and human rights will come together in Bogota to chart a different path towards global peace. The agenda is clear:

Collective Awareness: to promote the urgent inclusion of the concept of neutrality in international debates. Neutrality is a key concept in a volatile and complex world.

State Commitment to Neutrality: Deepen states’ commitments to neutrality, highlighting its importance for sovereignty, self-determination, human rights, and sustainable development.

Real Actions for Peace: Develop strategies that transform war-driven agreements into governance tools that have the potential to achieve real peace and to free up resources for community development.

Debate on the Obsolescence of War: Initiate a dialogue on war as an obsolete option that threatens reason, life, and dignity.

Participate and Be Part of the Change

This congress will also feature panel discussions, workshops, and the participation of renowned national and international speakers, including prominent figures such as Ed Horgan, Enkhsaikhan Jargalsaikhan, Farud Saman, Heinz Gärtner, Karen Devine, Ofunshi Hernández, Roberto Zamora, Swaran Singh, and representatives of the Petro administration.

Be part of the world peace movement: neutrality is a strategy to stabilize our planet and build a future where war is a relic of the past. Colombia calls on the world to unite for neutrality and peace!

#NeutralityForPeace #InternationalNeutralityCongress

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