Follow-Up Webinar Nato/Militarism In Africa – Women Speak Out

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Date(s) - Tuesday - Jan 23, 2024
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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Tuesday, Jan. 23 at 6pm CEST/12pm EST

NATO expands into Africa as US bullies the continent into more militarism.

Since the end of the last century with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disappearance of the Soviet Union, NATO is on the move. Its “out of area” military operation in Afghanistan in 2011, lasted for 20 years. Since 1994 the African counties Algeria, Egypt, Mauretania, Morocco and Tunisia are together with Israel and Jordan in the NATO partnership program Mediterranean Dialog (MD) NATO. Thus began a “Global NATO,” project to use the NATO military alliance beyond its own charter obligations from the South China Sea to the Caribbean Sea forwarded to Australia.

Africa’s long anti-colonial  history with its giant leaps forward with infrastructure and development are now being challenged by the re-entry of NATO and its ensuing military infrastructure throughout the continent.  Global Women for Peace/ United Against NATO (GWUAN) and MAPA present the first in a series of webinars on the terrible cost of militarism around the world.  Women from Africa will share their experience and concerns about these military developments in their societies, countries and the continent.

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– Cyrille Rolande Bechon – Nouveaux Droits de l’Homme Cameroun; member, International Peace Bureau Council – Cameroun

– Phakamile Hlubi-Majola – spokesperson for the South African Union NUMSA (Metal Workers) – South Africa

– Mikaela Nhondo Erskog  – researcher Tricontinental Institute for Social Research, network of research institutes in the Global South

Recordings of the previous webinars can be found here: