Association For Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) and Home for Cooperation (H4C)

Seán MacBride Peace Prize 2018 – Association For Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) and Home for Cooperation (H4C)

Prize Ceremony´s Location: Home for Cooperation, Nicosia, Cyprus

Date: 24th of November 2018

The International Peace Bureau awards the Seán MacBride Peace Prize every year to a person, or organisation, or movement in recognition of its outstanding work for peace, disarmament, human rights.

This year the IPB Board has chosen the following three winners of the prize:

AHDR (Association For Historical Dialogue and Research) and Home for Cooperation

Helena Maleno

Douglas Roche

The AHDR envisions a society where dialogue on issues of history, historiography, history teaching, and history learning is welcomed as an integral part of democracy and is considered as a means for the advancement of historical understanding and critical thinking. The AHDR’s Board, comprising of Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot educators and historians, is a brilliant example of how productive cooperation, creative ideas, and respect can blossom, regardless of division. In the context of AHDR’s efforts to promote a Culture of Peace through education, at a local, national and international level, the organization has also engaged in a series of Peace Education projects and activities. These have showcased the impact of deconstructing stereotypes and increasing contact in creating a paradigm shift in education as a prerequisite for laying the foundations for sustainable peace.

Home for Cooperation was established by the AHDR in 2011 as a research and educational centre, mostly bringing academics and historians together. Today the Home has become a landmark building within the Ledra Palace crossing, UN buffer zone. The Home hosts an extensive variety of cultural, artistic and educational programs with the aim to foster creativity and intercultural trust in Cyprus and internationally. It follows “arts-based peacebuilding” to transform interpersonal and intercommunal conflicts in Cyprus; with projects and programmes that aim to redefine relationships and build capacity where the artistic medium is used to heal personal/collective trauma and to promote interconnectivity through arts and culture. The IPB highly appreciates the efforts and promotion of Culture of Peace and as well as the peace building activities.

Photos of the event can be found via this link:

Flyer of the event: Prize Ceremony_IPB_H4C&AHDR


19:30 Opening Ceremony with musical accompaniment – Speeches by Lisa Clark and Reiner Braun

19:50 Presentation of the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research & Home for Cooperation

20:00 Laudation by Elizabeth Spehar Head of UNFICYP

20:15 Speeches of recipients

20:30 Closing remarks by Lisa Clark followed by musical accompaniment

20:40 Reception