All Okinawa Coalition Against Construction of New Base in Henoko

All Okinawa Coalition Against Construction of New Base in Henoko is awarded by the Seán MacBride Peace Prize for its unflagging commitment to win the closure of the Futemna Marine Air Base, which is widely seen as one of the world’s most dangerous military bases, and for its unremitting nonviolent opposition to the construction of a massive new air, land and sea base in Henoko.  The Council has assembled all Okinawan forces – grassroots, political, and intellectual – opposed to these bases, building on decades of democratic and nonviolent struggle for peace and opposing the social, environmental, political violations that accompany foreign military bases, never giving up.  Engaging in a wide variety of actions. The Council’s steadfastness and exceptional range of nonviolent actions, the broad popular support it enjoys, and the spirit and dedication that characterize this exceptional anti-bases movement make it a model for peace and justice struggles and deserving of support and solidarity.

The Prize was received by Ms Suzuyo Takazato and Mr Hiroshi Ashitomi on behalf of the All Okinawa Coalition in Barcelona on November 24 2017.

Photos from the Ceremony can be found here

Read the speech of Suzuyo Takazato here

Laudation by Joseph Gerson here